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Trick? or Treat?

Kids have had enough tricks in 2020 to last a lifetime. It’s high time we deliver the treats! If you’re one of the 63% of Americans who plan to give out candy this year, here are some safe solutions for keeping the fun safe during the pandemic.

Socially distanced Skull Slide? Genius!

courtesy of WickedMakers

Take a tip from Willy Wonka and ‘Candy Stick’ your lawn.

courtesy of Wendy Reeves Winter on Good Morning America

Try not to wake the dead in this delicious graveyard.

courtesy of Oriental Trading Co.

Are You Ready for Shipaggedon?

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why…

FedEx and UPS — as well as our key suppliers — have warned us to brace for ‘shipaggedon’ as they reach capacity ahead of the holiday season. This year brings an unprecedented ‘peak season’ with limited staffing resources, and limited inventory, all combining with COVID restrictions to create the perfect storm.

Don’t be caught in the stress mess! We’re currently working with our clients to pull forward their holiday gifting plans, ensuring production and delivery expectations are met. Together, we’ll create a custom plan for your branded gifts, creative packaging, kitting and drop shipping. So go ahead; make your list and check it twice, but do it NOW.

Remote Workers Want ‘Cool’

A recent study revealed 91% of remote workers who received logoed merchandise upon being hired, felt great about how their employer brought them on board. The same survey noted they would love to receive “cool swag”, not just printed throwaways.* Great! But what defines “cool”?

Cool doesn’t follow the norm. It’s not showcasing your logo on disposable plastic bottles and outdated technology. You won’t see employees showing off mundane stress balls or cheap keychains in Zoom calls. Give your team something they actually want to use! Long-lasting products from established brands, synonymous with proven quality.

We turn toward our elite retail brands for the latest must-haves. Trending products like timeless bags from Herschel; performance jackets from Carhartt, Stormtech and The North Face; copper insulated tumblers and bottles from Igloo, Tervis, and Yeti; and pure sounds from JBL and Skullcandy are all safe bets.

Did you know your logo takes on greater perceived value when it’s associated with a premium brand? Yep. Your employees will feel warm-n-fuzzy every time they enjoy your thoughtfulness.

Ready to get your cool on? Contact your sales associate.

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*source Advertising Specialty Institute