The Best Method to Evenly Season Your Meat

Seasoning tubes are a unique way to spice up your branding.

Seasoning doesn’t just give your meat personality, it determines whether your meal will be home alone on a Friday night, or celebrated as the life of the party.

When to season and what to use are generally what most people worry about, but the height can have a big impact on your flavor-dating success. For the most uniform results, you want to get all chef-y and sprinkle salt and other seasonings from up high.

Salt Bae | Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder

Seasoning food from a decent distance results in salt, pepper, and any other powders, blends, or rubs being distributed evenly across your steak, chicken breast, and other foods.

We sprinkled chicken breasts with ground black pepper from different heights—4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches—and found the higher the starting point, the more evenly the seasoning was distributed.

Cooks Illustrated

So throw on your toque, grab your favorite seasoning blend, and make it rain on that delicious food-parade. Enjoy!